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Formulary BNF Category
  Restricted Drug  Alprostadil  (Vitaros) Alprostadil - 07.04.05
  Alprostadil  (Caverject) Alprostadil - 07.04.05
  Alprostadil  (MUSE) Alprostadil - 07.04.05
  Alprostadil  (Prostin VR) Drugs affecting the ductus arteriosus - 02.14
  Alprostadil  (Neonatal) Neonatal Formulary - 24.16
Non Formulary BNF Category
  Alprostadil  (Viridal® Duo) Drugs for erectile dysfunction - 07.04.05
  Dinoprostone (Prostaglandin E2)  (Neonatal) Neonatal Formulary - 24.16

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link in drug section Alprostadil in neonates - dosing and administration quick reference guide (02.14)
link in drug section Yorkshire Neonatal Network and Yorkshire Paediatric Cardiology Network regional guidelines on use of Alprostadil in duct dependent congenital heart conditions in neonates (02.14)

SubSection Titles / notes  
Alprostadil - (07.04.05)